"For your vacation of a lifetime"

Tibet, being roof top destination for travelers of the world, has been fascinating for mankind since it's door opened for foreigners. Mystical, Tibet, meaning 'Holy Land', situated at the tranquil and calming landscape of snow capped mountains glistering in the brilliant sun against a backdrop of deep blue sky offers a unique panorama for you to enjoy your vacation of lifetime!

This land of mysteries, forbidden not only by man before but also by nature, appealed to so many explorers, scholars, pilgrims and adventurers in the past hoping to find probably the real "Shangri-La". In those days Lhasa, capital and the center of Tibetan culture, religion and Lama theology, was so far away from rest of the world.

Now, Tibet is much more accessible by air and over land. Tourist's inflow to Tibet has risen almost every year to experience the insight of the Buddhist culture, people, ancient monasteries and colorful festivals dating back hundreds of years.

Things to do in Tibet